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  1. People may end frustrated; especially since its a free game. It is unfortunate, but I feel people tend to have less patience with free games and we want as high a number of players as possible for this. Anyway, a TT is standard for all RTS games. Why miss out on it? There is no particular benefit to not having it in there. AND, 0AD ; to me feels unchained from the DRM and long loading times of most other games. You can access it easily, no DRM and signing into 5 accounts needed and you can play. Keeping with that easy to get(free to download and DRM-free for activation since it doesn't require it, MT free as well), easy to access(no signing into access it); they should add something that makes it easy to get into the game mechanically. Ie, something that'll allow people to pick the game, and allow them to make educated choices from the get go.
  2. A technology tree would be great to have. The game is very complex technologically, and since every civ has different techs and units, it'd be great to plan ahead and build strategies, as well as knowing what to upgrade (for newer players). Also, it'll be more user friendly to RTS players and everyone in general if they don't have to play lots of games to find a favorite civ to play. Sure it won't take much time, and it'll also be good to have the balance changes noted in every version so you can see all the differences in one place from within the game.
  3. Ok, thanks guys! Glad to know it wasn't a bug. I had the map set on explored and thought it may be something. Anyhow, thanks for the reply and sorry for the false alarm!
  4. Thanks for the reply! Yes, I didn't think of the engine when thinking about that lol. But seemed like a good way to improve framerates; but that dpeends on how easy it is to optimize for multi, as you said.
  5. So I tried out the maps Belgian Bog and Punjab to see the new water effects (which are awesome, BTW) and when out zoom all the way out, the map becomes very very foggy. I would share a screenshot, but I don't know how to. I've tried the Windows 8.1 screenshot (don't remember which key) and I just got a screenshot of my desktop. And my Rptr app doesn't support it. But it seems very very foggy. Any solutions?
  6. Congrats to the team! Nice work! Makes me even more impatient for release. Thanks for doing this guys! So, I've been away for a while and wanted to know: 1.Is multithread integration still a high priority (or does A17 have it already?) 2.Which formations were causing a balance issue? I assume the pike-wall? 3.Are any of the unit graphics final? 4.How exactly can water in the look any better? XD You guys are beyond talented! Kudos!
  7. It does! Thanks! BTW, are there random Gaia houses on the Belgian Bog map? Spotted one there lol.
  8. When I disable the feature without exiting and restarting, I have game lag. So if I save and restart, everything will be OK?
  9. Hoe about Belgian Bog? It also looks awesome. But to get objective results, we have to save a map and put it up for download so everyone is on the same platform.
  10. Multicore support would be awesome when it comes out, since most people have at least two cores; and if it runs this nicely on one (and a little extra ), it'll be awesome when it it utilizes more cores!
  11. Is there a bench thread so we can compare performance on different hardware? If not, lets post some here! Any constant maps with both water and many units we can use?
  12. I don't think launching a reworked version of the same game for lower hardware would be worth it at all. Even if the devs were not to put a price on it, the deeply casual nature of the games on that platform means there won't be much people who would play it there. Everyone who has an Android phone is likely to have a PC as well; and PC is where all RTSs are meant to be. And how on earth do you play AoE on a phone. That looks mpossible! You'll lose your army trying to run them away, lol.
  13. When I start a game with post processing enabled (and all other settings except V-synch enabled); I get a black screen and can only see silhouettes of my units and I can't see my buildings at all. I don't know if its been reported, so reporting, I guess. AMD FX6300, XFX AMD Radeon R7260X, Win8.1 64-Bit, 4GB RAM; and my resolution was 768p.
  14. Hello everyone! First post! (no, posting first posts in the suggestions forum is not ominous)Just tried one game, really liked it but had to clear some doubts: 1.You can't build forward, except with a particular building. Wouldn't it be better to give players the creative freedom to build towers or castles forward? Not insulting it, its good, since it prevents stuff like being walled in, but isn't it good to see some forward bulding push sometimes? 2.Why require you to build 5 buildings from that stage? 3.Why do we have to have treasures on the map? Its like boar placement in AoE2, which is putting in an un-necessary luck factor. 4.And finally, why does building buildings take so much time? What is the principle behind that?
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