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  1. Ok, I am going to rewrite the script taking into account the comments.
  2. Well we could drop the tech tree concept and just go with the idea of exposing the resource to danger and also storage limitations.
  3. Hello everyone, So once a player collects resources they cannot be taken away from him, as it becomes immaterial to the game space. What if the player had to buy silos and storage bunkers to store the materials on the ground. This would expose his resources to attack and theft by enemies, requiring him to build additional defenses such as walls. This wouldn't replace the 'storehouse' or farm stead, it would support them. The resources would still be dropped at the same places, but you would have to build storage spaces somewhere on the map, so you would have to estimate consumption vs producti
  4. Lu lu lu I got some apples lu lu lu you got some too! Hey french boiz.
  5. Yes, it seems easy enough. But when in game i noticed that apparantly it isn't for allot of people. Also, the install dir varies with platform and install method. Also this script of for linux, not windows. Also when installing on nix the /usr/share is not owned by the user group.
  6. A thought, what about farming trees? You could do it like a farm field, but with extremely long build/work times and small output. Like 15 trees for one field and 30 minutes of 5 workers "growing" the grove. But each tree would only have like 200 wood. Just a thought.
  7. Bloodshed Dev is a very old C++ IDE. I advise against using it. Look into codeblocks.
  8. I have written a simple BASH script for GNU Linux to install maps that users make for 0ad. Please review and improve. Use as you would like. See readme. This was originaly made for SwampGremlin's map. EDIT by Sanderd17: Removed the script as we cannot accept scripts that require to be run as root, unless really necessary.
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