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  1. Never mind. I was using a different machine when I tried those changes. When I tried making those same changes on my machine, it worked fine. More specifically, I made changes to the pregame.xml file, changing the tooltip for the single player campaigns, changing the "[NOT IMPLEMENTED YET]" to "Test successful". The only real purpose of that was a simple sanity check if my changes would reflect in the game itself. I think that machine had two different copies of the game in different locations. The changes I made affected only the copy I was working on while the shortcut to the executable link
  2. Currently messing with the GUI XML and JS files in the binaries folder. Tried changing some tooltips for the main menu as a test and for some reason, the main menu tooltips aren't updating when I actually launch the game. Am I missing something here?
  3. I'll do just that. I'm thinking of working on that ticket involving some issues on the developer overlay (http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2276). Is that part in the c++ code? Also, taking a look in the xml files for the gui. Are those coded by hand or is there an IDE used for that? Also managed to reclaim roughly 20 GB from the hard drive which I think would be more than enough.
  4. I'm new to the forums... and game programming so before anything, hello everyone. I'm an IT student and our current curriculum requires us to do some work on an open source project of our choice. I've done some work mainly on java, python and c# but I'm rather new to C++ so it might be a bit slow going. I'm looking at the tutorials on the site, C++ tutorials and the simple tickets in trac. The tutorial for setting up the build environment says to use Microsoft visual studio. The software appears to be a bit bloated for my taste and the machine I'm using is a bit old and running out of hard dri
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