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  1. I've been browsing the art working part of the forum and I do plan on helping out with models, textures, animations, and other required items. I need a bit of time to go through some more threads though as to not duplicate any work. I've attached the maps to play; The Briton 002 map shows two errors, but if you click suppress the game still loads and plays. It's preferably to also play them with medium - to - hard AI, else they don't do anything. Custom_Maps.zip
  2. Hi! Started with Atlas the other day, and, well, it seems to be going well. I'm really enjoying the editing capabilities, and the navigation is quite nice - I'm coming from Blender, so I've become a custom to a certain type of navigation setup. So far only two maps are complete (I would like to add some waypoints/ triggers, and other essentials, but as of yet I am unsure as to how that happens with worlds... XML editing?); I do plan on eventually modelling new units, buildings, and environment props. The first map shares no relation with history, it is a situation I have come up with, and a landscape that shares nothing with Briton - It was a test bed for painting heightmaps. Iron Age Hillfort Image: Hillfort Set on the Southern coast of England, players can either take the role of the landed Roman II Augusta legion who have been sent to relieve the city, or the attacking Iceri who are determined to take back their tribal lands. Short description in Atlas: "AD 188, the Roman Legion, II Augusta, arrives on the South coast to relieve the Roman garrison stationed at Viverenx from the vicious revolt of the Iceri tribe." Hadrian's Wall, Eastern coastline Image: Hadrian's Wall, East Set in the North-East of England, the map is actually modelled from maps of the North shields, Tynemouth, and other surrounding areas. Although the wall does not take a 100% accurate historical route through the landscape; I believe the wall may have ended further inland from the coast. Anyhow, this map is quite buildup and is for three players. Short description in Atlas: "The Empire Hadrian's Great Wall has come under attack by the Pictish* tribes; parts of the wall have crumbled under repeated attack and require urgent repairs. News is spreading that the tribes in the North are preparing for an all-out assault. The II Augusta Legion has been stretched thinly with recent attacks..." *I haven't read much about this era in history for a while so I cannot say for certain if the picts were around in AD 188, but either way, they are labelled as one of the players for the time being. The Brigante are the third party, with Roman Legion II Augusta being the second. I'll upload the maps to my Google drive to share - I am right in thinking I just need to zip the .xml, and .pmp files, yes?
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