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  1. I've been browsing the art working part of the forum and I do plan on helping out with models, textures, animations, and other required items. I need a bit of time to go through some more threads though as to not duplicate any work. I've attached the maps to play; The Briton 002 map shows two errors, but if you click suppress the game still loads and plays. It's preferably to also play them with medium - to - hard AI, else they don't do anything. Custom_Maps.zip
  2. Hi! Started with Atlas the other day, and, well, it seems to be going well. I'm really enjoying the editing capabilities, and the navigation is quite nice - I'm coming from Blender, so I've become a custom to a certain type of navigation setup. So far only two maps are complete (I would like to add some waypoints/ triggers, and other essentials, but as of yet I am unsure as to how that happens with worlds... XML editing?); I do plan on eventually modelling new units, buildings, and environment props. The first map shares no relation with history, it is a situation I have come up with, and a
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