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  1. This always happens every release (the feature freeze until the release). What it just means though is that there will be a spike in commits after the release, thus quickly making SVN and A18 incompatible with each other (I find myself compiling the specific revision instead of using the released binary since a self-compiled binary gets me better performance imho).

  2. What I do first is even train ~40 women to farm 8 farms around my CC and perhaps ~50 to chop wood (they first are split between metal and stone). I first even out the starting soldiers to 5, and use the five melee to build etc.

    Then I keep on building up the ranged units, garrisoning them until I have an invasion force. That way, if I am attacked during this time, I will already have powerful defenses and the women can just garrison in houses until the invasion is over.

    I try to focus on ranged units that only use wood and food, since they are plentiful in most maps.

    I do all of the ranged-unit upgrades in the blacksmith, and preferably do the "Will to Fight" right before my invasion. I also research battlefield health - and seriously injured ranged units come back to base to be garrisoned until they are healed (the battlefield health affects garrisoned units, and while they are garrisoned they can't lose health.


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