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  1. You could have the game paused until the other player is connected, similar to when starting a new multiplayer game. Which would basically make the save just like a scenario.
  2. My brother and I recently began playing multiplayer 0ad but found that there was no way to re-open a saved game. This could be easily fixed by adding saved matches to the list of available map types in the host server menu. Is there already a way to load saved games into a multiplayer server or can I add a ticket to the development? Any insight on this matter would be helpful. Thanks, K
  3. Indeed, however, there are some things that are only found in the game, such as the guitar in Highland Mist and the end of Cisaulpine Gaul which seems to have been chopped off.
  4. Hello again, Are you a conlanger? If not, let me explain; a conlang is a constructed language. Such creations include Star Trek's Klingon and Avatar's Na'vi. They can be made for things such as books, movies, and...here it comes...games. If you're interested in conlanging, I suggest you check out www.zompist.com, The Language Construction Kit, and the Conlangery Podcast. PS. Message me if you conlang. XD
  5. Hi, Just something I noticed when playing the game is that some of the tracks are longer than what is provided in the zip file or online player. I was just wondering why is that? Also, is the music opensource as well, or is there any copyright on it?
  6. It's not exactly 100 (that was just an estimation). I was placing legions of soldiers when the editor froze. It happens most of the time when I try to create complicated scenarios, mostly when I'm starting with a big battle. Yes it does happen when I am placing lots of units packed closely together (but not touching). My machine is an Ubuntu 12.04 that can barely handle the graphics involved. I have my suspicions about that being the problem.
  7. Does that mean it's probably just my computer's graphics capabilities?
  8. When I try to create a nice complex scenario and I use a whole lot of objects it'll freeze and crash. What does that mean? Does anyone else experience this?
  9. I am learning Celtica, Celtic Pride, and Cisalpine Gaul on the penny whistle.

  10. Is there a URL where I can download some sheet music from the game?
  11. Hopefully you can squeeze it into the game itself instead if making a sort of death mod. Also, instead of painting whole new textures, why not edit the old ones and save them as <unit>/dead. Like: Hoplite/Dead.
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