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  1. There are a lot of far more productive ways to cheat right now. :P

    zoot, I'm not sure why you think writing a bot to play along side you is a con of the sigmoid function, it's a flaw of the game's lack of anti-cheating measures.

    And let's clear something up: the resource collection rate doesn't change. The way to "exploit" (which is completely the wrong word here) the sigmoid approach is to remove your fishing boats at the beginning of the exponential part of the curve and add them back at the end of it. This means that the you'll always stay within the fast-regenerating part of the curve. It would not be "vastly superior" by any means, if it would even make a difference at all. It would just mean more food is available faster. This would make precious little difference in practice since fishing isn't meant to be a primary food source anyway.

    Please stop spreading FUD - which is what your post is - and concentrate on the technical stuff.

    Mind your own business, little man. I wasn't talking to you. The concern is completely valid and just an extension of wraitii's point that "AI's might manage" to do the optimization. The relevant people are completely capable of evaluating whether or or not that makes "precious little difference" without your silly posturing.

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  2. I mean like you would create a group, so for example if I highlighted 20 Spearmen and 10 Swordsmen and made them into a group, then I could make about 4 of these and line them up with easier control. What i mean by this is that you wouldn't have to keep highlighting the units you could just click e.g a banner at the top right of the screen.

    Isn't that what control groups are for? :huh:

    Ctrl + 1 (- 0): Create control group 1 from the selected unit/units/building/buildings

    1 (- 0): Select control group 1

  3. I see. Then there is no way of making the effect I was looking for, since it needs the first UV (color texture coordinates) which are overlapped through the entire model, instead of the clean non overlapped unwrap of the AO coordinates :(

    Hmm. Afraid I don't understand UVs well enough to comment on that. Maybe wraitii can chime in if he knows some way around it.

  4. At first I thought that self-ilumination was the same as the AO map, with very intense whites where the self-ilumination is desired, since very bright whites makes the shader like glowing. I've been through myconid posts but haven't found how to set up the self ilumination map :(

    No, it's seperate from AO, as far as I understand. It uses the 'specTex' map, but you need to use a material that defines "USE_SELF_LIGHT", as described in the comments here: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/MaterialFormat

  5. Doesn't this require a lot of work? Like moving to c++11, doesn't a large part of the code need to be altered or rewritten before the performance delta can be known?

    We don't need a delta to determine how big a fraction of each frame is spent in a given API. If profilers show that 0.0001% of the time is spent in a "backwards compatible" API, while 20% of the time is spent in the pathfinder, then the pathfinder is surely a more worthwhile optimization target.

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  6. It might be difficult to predict if a new api/standard will enhance or decrease performance, but I think the game will benefit if the developers are a little more cold hearted when it comes to compability with old hardware.

    There is nothing to suggest that this is the case. We can relatively easily "predict if a new api/standard will enhance or decrease performance" by using profilers, and seeing where computation time is actually spent, rather than just guessing. The developer in your example could have done the same.

  7. I don't have a strong opinion either way, but I do think it is a good idea to have ARB as a fallback. It may be "old", but it is also very well-established and standardized, while every vendor seem to cook up their own semantics for GLSL. On my previous machine, for instance, everything would flicker oddly when using the GLSL renderpath, while the standard ARB one would just work and look exactly as it does for everyone else.

  8. If people want to install over Stream/Desura/etc, I don't see much point in not enabling them to do that. IIRC, some magazines that were not free by any description already distributed the game on CDs, which is also fine (and one of the ways Linux originally spread to consumers). As long as their EULA don't conflict with our licenses or something like that, there ought to be no issue.

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