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  1. I'm going to try to give you any game saved with battles. If we make a game with 3 players recording, can you make a collage to show the three perspective sync at the same video?
  2. sync error occur in most online games but we found that in most cases is a false alarm
  3. I would like to make you a recommendation to the server. If ever you change your machine or whatever reason you have to reinstall the OS. Do not use Ubunutu for a server, Debian is much more stable.
  4. O.o It's true, where is the audio? :/ XD
  5. more video maked with svn version. http://vimeo.com/35192179
  6. Hello every body. Today three players make a large game. We saw that elephants are too strong, almost invincible by other units. In general it's need to banalance civ.
  7. thank you very much. Only one comment. In GNU/Linux GIMP 2.6 don't support DDS by default. I use this to convert all directory. for file in *.dds do convert "$file" "$(basename "$file" .dds).png" done
  8. Anybody have this image without interface buttons? I'm making a minigame ambient in 0 A.D. and I want use it. In a few days I'm goin to publish the minigame.
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