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  1. Transmission sent from: Darth_Malloc Location: Sith Empire I have accepted the task of implementing the technologies for the civilizations of 0ad. My plan is to activate the techs one civilization at a time, fix any observed bugs with the tech implementation, and then release the patch. It would help me greatly if one of the staff of Wildfire Games would be willing to provide me with a complete version of the intended tech tree, as I intend to implement all technology and unit dependencies, and I would like to be able to use a full tech tree for quick reference. I am also working on the issue of the Linux build of the map editor crashing when the user tries to save files. For that, I will need to create at least one new C++ header file and one new C++ source file. Is this ok? End Transmission
  2. The public build that I checked out from SVN is incomplete. There are some source files missing, so I am not able to test my attempts to fix existing bugs. In order to help get the game towards alpha 6, I think that I might need a username and password in order to log in on SVN.

  3. Hello, I have recently set up an account with WFG, and I am hoping to get involved with the development of 0 AD. I am an avid programmer and though I do not have much experience I am a quick learner and a natural problem solver. Also, I can fulfill the dual roles of programmer and historian. I was hoping that you might be able to give me an svn username and password so that I can get started.

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