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  1. Hello, I have finished to translate the 0ad wikipedia page in french. It is very similar to the english one : fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/0_A.D. A few notes may be missing. PS : would it be possible to send an email to people posting in this topic when 0ad is ready for translation ?
  2. Oh nice ; thank you :-) I wish that it will work on Linux (there is a Hamachi package for Linux, but it is a beta version).I shall test it as soon as I can.
  3. Hi, yesterday night, I and Mazert (we're both ubuntu users ; 0ad installed with ppa) tried to play online against each other. Port 20595 opened in udp on both computers and boxes. We tried from his computer to mine, and vice versa. Nothing happens ; it seems impossible to connect. Thanks in advance for helping.
  4. Je dis ça à l'avance (puisque ce n'est pas encore prêt), mais c'est juste histoire de s'organiser.

  5. Salut ! On dirait que je n'ai pas les autorisations pour t'envoyer un mail (?!). Comme tu peux le lire dans le forum, je serais intéressé par la traduction de 0-A.D.

    Je ne pense pas qu'on devrait se partager le travail, mais au contraire bosser sur l'ensemble - il vaut mieux être plusieurs pour les exercices de traduction (sauf, bien sûr, si tu es prof de langues, l...

  6. I'd like to translate 0-A.D. into french (when it is ready). I'll ask Darash to work with him.
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