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  1. A couple simple questions. What will be required?, expected? and provided for the quality assurance testers? I'll expand on those broad questions whilst repeating a few? System requirements? Experience? Skills and prior knowledge? Is there any geographical/national requirements,(eg, must I be living in the U.S.A or a citizen of, in order to meet the application requirements?) Number of hours required to dedicate to the project for what period of time? What training oppetunities, experiences and any other benifits can a tester expect? When will you begin taking on testers? More of the same or in the form of another broad question like the first posted, what should I know about Quality Assurance Testing if I'm interested in becoming apart of it?
  2. I' from Australia and have joined the forum out of interest for a historically accurate game and the information being provided about the gaming industry. Also I may decide to apply for one of the quality assurance testing positions
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