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Dune 2 RTS on Android

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Some time ago I posted a thread about Dune 2 playable in HTML5. Recently I also discovered an Android version of Dune 2, based on the open source engine OpenDUNE. I don't know when it was uploaded (it looks quite recently) but it already get in the range of 100.000-500.000 installation, reviews are also very good (4,6 / 5).

I am playing it on my Nexus 7 and I must say that it is really enjoyable. The UI is very simple, there are no multiple units selection (the same as in the original game), and orders (move, attack, ...) must be set to individual units with on screen buttons (you can see the screenshots on Google Play, although they seems to come from a different version, actual controls look a bit better). It also look to me that it's easier than the original game, maybe difficulty was lowered to compensate for the more complex interaction with touch screens.

It's a must have for RTS fans with an Android device. :)

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