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An introduction

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Hi there awesome people,

I was living under a rock since 2002 it seems, and just came across this epic epicness.

A bit about me,

Born and raised in Brazil, moved to New York, USA a couple of years ago for a degree in design and technology (read illustration and interaction design, pretending to be CS).

I grew up on AOE and having found this made me eek inside.

I would love to contribute in any way I can, be it game design, balancing or art. How do I go about that?

I am almost done with college and am on thesis mode so time can tend to be scarce, but give me a shout and i'll get whatever it is done.

It's a pleasure


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Hello Frederico.

I'm glad that more and more people are coming to this awesome game, especially when they're talented and could become potential contributors in the future, I'll leave it to the developers to point out the exact things you could contribute to.

In the mean time, welcome to the forums! ;)

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Best thing to do is to play with the game and take a look at the game's code. Check out the Trac tickets, the design document, the technical design document, get a good feel for the underlying architecture of the game and where the game is at currently. Also, take a look at the Development forums and ask questions. You'll have a good idea of what is done and what still needs done, and then you'll have an idea of where you can help based on your skills and (just as important) your interests! (y)

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