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Hello from Greece/Hellas

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My name is Chris (Christos) and im from Greece and study economics . I'm fond of your great game and fond of history. :nerd:

I learned 0AD from my girlfriend one day ago and when i saw the first screenshot i dowloaded at once.:drool:

it's awesome to see these graphics and these maps in this kind of game. I'm so tired of many retail games of this genre.

I'm obsessed with AOE 1,1exp and 2, 2exp and of course AoM and expansion .

i have to say that maps and buildings are very accurate and better . I like music too . But the atmoshpere from the map is OMG breathtaking !

I think i found a game to replace my old and scratched AOE 2 The Conquerors and of course my "stone aged" rise of rome!


i wish u make this game the best of the best ! it has the potential i think !:worship:

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Hi there, I am from Greece too!

Its a very interesting project, and since i am an Age Of Empires II fun, i find it very attractive!

Is it possible to translate the project to other languages?

I am willing to help for Greek

please contact me via pm

Γατούλη από που είσαι φίλε; :)

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