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Found 2 results

  1. i have an idea for 0AD, if i send and invitation to a player and him acepts it i can train my friends units, i pay the cost of this units, example i play with carthage and my friend with seleucida, i send and invitation to him, he acepts and on the market i get a few groups of units to buy, this units are: * Parthian Archer * Median archer * Partheian cathafract * helepola. * seleucid elephant with the normal cost of this units, these are the units allowed to be used as mercenries Athens: Marines, Helepola, Pelthast, Ballista Scorpio Britons Chariot, Longsowrdsmen, Spearmen, Carthage: Elephant
  2. Windows 8 has a new BIOS "UEFI that developed by Intel", is pretty you can edit it with a GUI, but the UEFI has a new utility "exploter by microsoft" is "secure boot" the secure boot bans uncertfied software and Operating Systems "microsoft signs software" that means that GNU/Linux is blocked! therfore i have a question: Where is possible buy a powerful desktop computer "Intel I7 proccesor, Nvidia Geforce GPU" with GNU/Linux "at least with windows 7, windows 7 has the ancient hard but unlocked BIOS" is it possible??? and if it is possible, where?
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