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  1. you are welcome m8. but i saw there are some mistake of copy in this context. would u mind to fix it? change to
  2. my bad, I changed the link address,this time will be fine... I send u an icon as a gift, a chinese flag.. index.zh_cn.html
  3. this is the first chinese version index.zh_cn.html
  4. sorry for this delay,I just got a little busy these days.... all right, i will let u know ,when i finish the html
  5. yanlsino

    build error on mac

    Great!!!I redownloaded and rebuilded the code ,but unfortunately: strange.. maybe it's the problem of different language? I build it on macmini 10.5.8(chinese language)...
  6. yanlsino

    build error on mac

    hi all Iam still on the system mac and compile successfully It was be allright until click the start button, then it jump to the loading interface, there is a error for me, the application ask me to find the file and then any idea? please ps:I have researched in this directory ,but there is just a file jav2.dae.
  7. yanlsino

    build error on mac

    hi thanks for u help; Sorry this is my first time to build the program on mac......
  8. yanlsino

    build error on mac

    hello, thanks for reply my question but when i build the devil 1,7,8 it gives to me this error......
  9. yanlsino

    build error on mac

    and the error of the building AtlasUI
  10. hi all, I got this error for build the valgrind have any suggestion