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  1. or, you could use that to your advantage by making a worse player have a handicap so that that player would get more strong units instead of speedy units to even up the game
  2. or like a giant trojan horsr that rolls over people and kills them instantly
  3. ...i don't think that thats a good idea
  4. will rate of attck go down as a unit gets hurt?
  5. Yes its stupid...but its still funny
  6. yay! happy independence day!!!!! but my grandpa died today...so i don't think that independence day will ever be as happy as it used to be :'(
  7. maybe so he could know if it was the right thing
  8. oh i thought it was some different language thing
  9. i have some creepy yoda thingy that is pretty old and an xwing and a ti(sp?) fighter...
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