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  1. The first helmet is roman,used by archers. the last one is dacian 100%. In the early and middle ancient periods,sarmatians used mostly import helmets- lots of Montefortino types (A,B,C,etc), pseudoattischen Helmen (south greek helmets). For sarmatian props i recommend a book wrote by Simonenko "The Sarmatians in the Northern Black Sea Region" for weaponry and all that Sergey Yatsenko wrote on sarmatian clothing. I am a reenactor on dacian-roman wars,as sarmatian. Sarmatians were very different from scythians,in fact from 3BC they did not used any scythian type of clothing,weapons,helmets,etc. Depending on what period you are interested,you must search for material that's only for that period because in those 3 ancient periods,sarmatians changed many times. Again,the pointy helmet has nothing to do with dacian or sarmatian weaponry,it's roman :). The total max size is 5mb,too bad because i have lots of materials on sarmatians.
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