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  1. @Boudica @Havran @Unknown_Player @go2die @ValihrAnt @Edwarf @Issh @PhyZik maybe we can rematch today 4vs4 ? i mean not under tournament scores but just for fun same system because i missed game yesterday.
  2. 4 pm gmt+2 ? its ifne on friday / saturday. rest of the days i work
  3. @DerekO in israel fiday saturday is my weekend, im available almost all day so dosent realy matter when
  4. Gmt +2 18:30 - 21:00, on weekends i am available whole day
  5. Since he is not attending to 1vs1, and its hard to find 1vs1 in teamgame, this is the only pure 1vs1 we ever had. I call again for rated 1vs1 so we will have good video.
  6. Well, then he is welcome to prove his skills on 1vs1 rated .
  7. @JC (naval supremacist) yeah.. well im trying to get him on 1vs1 but he chicken 24/7 PS : we fight 1vs1 just in a tg, so it is a 1vs1, but he got 2500 res from his team while i got 0
  8. hi, lately phyzic call me noob but when i suggest a 1vs1 he dissapear. i want to remind @PhyZik what happens when we have 1vs1 without team military help (phyzic got donate of 2500 res and i got 0 but still got rekt in less than 2 min fight xd) also u can clearly see phyzic dancing with hero and still loosing the 1vs1. fights starts around minute 14. tip for players : PhyZic become OP when cav army full upgraded but this never happens before minute 20 and lots of res from team, attack him before minute 15 and u will feel an 1500 level player. great day everyone goat i am still waiting for a 1vs1 xD Phyzic got rekt.rar
  9. @badosu havent play with u for long time, i guess 11 will be fair tho.
  10. Valihrant - 10 Borg- 9.25 Stockfish - 8.75 Phyzic - 8 Boudica - 8 Havran - 8 Faction - 8 Edwarf - 8 Rauls - 8 Fpre - 8 Saidrdz - 8 Chrsgtr - 7.75 Unknown_player - 7.75 Ricsand - 7.75 Dakara - 7.5 Randomid - 7.5 Issh - 7.25 Go2die - 7 When i consider 0.25 as big different. All those players got rating of 8 by me are not equals but +-
  11. @Marcus Areillius @Marcus Aurelius can u add me as 5th player to boudica's team? thanks.
  12. Great win. Really appriciate. u, lordhoi and ceasar did really well. Problem in nomad is that map was imba. We had 1 metal 1 stone for all 3 players while u had 5 metal and lots of stone.. but thats nomad.. congratz! Maybe now u agree to 1vs1? I think u got a chance now
  13. Hey, nice random civils teamgame. i upload this game because there is a player call himself "goat" (greatest of all time -who the hell call him self as third person and that name ? xd) that dancing nonstop in games and claim "passive mod". now there are some players like Decger & @Issh learned from him dancing and claim "passive mod". just to make it clear even a small dance can make a player lose a game because he lose lots of units in short time and boost enemy unites. anyway this player "goat" was border with me (Wendy). some info about game u can check urself: - fight started in minute 14 ( total time till "goat" resign - 2 minutes) - "goat" got donate from team (2500 resourches) before i started fighting him while i got 0. - i was invading his teritory and was fighting under his towers / templete. - he made hero before me and started dancing with hero cav (minute 14) and still lost - @elexis isnt it illegal? sure i dance back when i face dance but sometimes its too late untill i notice - please fix it. - Macwolf and his ally joined game at minute 15:30 when "goat" already had 130 pop and me 196. he resigned right when he saw macwolf is at my side and his ally neighbor was'nt usefull much. so Mr. "goat". u can keep call me jewa nd refuse to 1vs1 with me, i know i m better than u :). tg_wendy_smash_phyzic_2_minute_fight.rar
  14. i just think you guys should concider ur mute / ban weapon. a player who been muted and wanna talk with the moderator to understand the reason for mute or maybe explain tothim why the mute was mistaken should not be immidiatly banned just because he made another account. in my opinion the mute weapon should be used just in extreme cases. but those just my toughts.
  15. well ye, sorry if i was rude to u, but u responsed to my topic without even reading. anyway im sorry, my point was to share my feeling which i honestly believe some others share. anyway that's my opinion. have a good night and sorry if i did insult u.
  16. no, i dont know why i was muted. as i said i guess i used word sh1t or something like that cuz i dont use to say bad words to people. i think i use to be friendly with players and moderators, but i cant calim about myself. anyway my dear, if u done licking to moderators u better read again what i am saying, i just said they mute / ban people too fast. i think moderators know i spoke against muting players many times on lobby and said its not ok to take freedom of speech, even when players i dont like got muted i was standing at their side. anyway, i dont care if i get ban for 999 days. but they must rethink about their way of banning / muting players. PS: i just noticed u r project leader, tho i like the game u should welcome review.
  17. Hello, yesterday i was muted for some reason i dont know. i guess i said something like sh1t on lobby or something like that. who dosent use the word sh1t? is it that bad word ? anyway after u took my voice i made new accounts called like Wendyismuted / Wendestroy. i didnt pretend to be some1 else but wendy, i just wanted the ability to talk / ping people, but for u that was a big crime and u banned my new accounts and banned my main. i wonder, why ur fingers go so easy on the weapon? why mute and ban your loyal comunity for such a thing? why i cant have a nice game after a workday? i dont know where you guys coming from but it dosent seem like currect policy in my eyes. have a nice day.
  18. i wish u add israelites, they had great empire at king david, king shaul and king shlomo days.
  19. i dont think i have enough knowledge in coding..
  20. Suggestion for a24 (or 23 if possible) : imagine a mode that all the players who join cant know the names of other's who join. not in game and not in settings for game. everything is random or every1 choosing his own civil. settings must be a fixed thing and something cant be changed. there shouldnt be a host guy cuz then ppl will know who did host. whene some1 write on chat it will be like : "player : hi guys". i mean every1 will have same name. the mode will be ffa 8 players or 6 players. the winner will get rated points. losers will lose points. maybe top 4 will win some rated points depends on their place and last 4 will lose points depends on their place. the calculate of points will be depends on the rate of players who played. for example if i won game with feld and borg i will get big amount of points like 100 or something like that. after the game end u will be able to see the players who played in the game and see every1 place. i mean who died first, second, .... and who won the game. there will be a notice on chat : "Wendy has won a Rated Last man standing and his rate bla bla 1600 - > 1711". some problems i could think of : 1. real life friends could talk on phone or skype or whatever to make strategy together and to win together the game which is unfair. 2. will be filled in future. @elexis
  21. hi, today DoctorOrgans lost rated 1v1 to me (as usual) and lost some points. he wanted rehost and i agreed. i did host for him and when game started he was like "i dont like jungle" and left a RATED 1V1. i know its stupid, and i would never think to post such a stupid thing and i dont even want any points cuz i dont deserve any.. BUT and its big but, when doctororgans did upload a video he was loosing to me and i left it because he wanted to take me into a 2 hours game on normal size map for 1v1 which is unacceptable for me. u guys forced me to give him points back. u said "u cant leave 1v1 rated if he did nothing illegal", "when u pressed ready u accepted the conditaions". so.. doctororgans agreed to the conditions, i think his points should be reduced or be donated to underrated players like Faction02 / phillipswaggers. if u ask me he deserve a rate of 13xx. witness : chrstgtr , causative. PS: i also have photo i took with my phone of chat if he deny that he quited a rated game. have a nice day, Wendy. 2018-04-26_0009.rar
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