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  1. Nope, I use ArtStation https://www.artstation.com/victorrossi
  2. That's a fairly good deadline I won't be able to take this task until next month though.
  3. Here's the finished file Amanirenas portrait.rar
  4. This sounds pretty cool, it even reminded me of the AoE II campaign background. I'll try to take the day tomorrow to finish and send the Amanirenas portrait, then I might be able to see what I can do. Is there a deadline for this? And just another question, is there a video or some sort of reference showing this installation menu? I mean, it's a little out of context for someone who never owned a mac. It would help me to understand how it works and how it fits into the installer Also, I've made these 2 unrelated illustrations a while ago and if you guys have any use to them in th
  5. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback I tried to change the background a bit to separate it from the character. @Sundiata I've detailed the earring using the reference you posted, but I kept the purple gem for composition and color reasons. This necklace was the second attempt (I gave up on the first one, that's why I didn't show it), but I think it looks ok now
  6. Here's a preview of the portrait There's a lot of little adjustments to be made. The rim light on the right side is just a test, so that's why those lines are all sketchy. What do you guys think? Any suggestions?
  7. This kind of golden helmet / crown with double snakes on the forehead. The helmet is still incomplete in the sketch I posted. I'll use a desert like palette, but I'm not sure how much information I can put in the background without overloading the image with details. I'm aiming more for the mood than acually painting pyramids or dunes.
  8. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I remember you said about making her a little chubby, and it actually gives a feeling of power to her, instead of just another pretty face. I did the second one just in case
  9. @Sundiata @Lion.Kanzen I've done 2 quick thumbnail sketches to figure out the basic proportions and facial features. Which one do you prefer?
  10. @Sundiata Awesome! I'm incorporating those into my references. As soon as I start sketching I'll be posting it on the portrait thread to make things more organized.
  11. Wow, that's some really valuable information that will contribute to making a more authentic character instead of a generic face. Thank you
  12. Thanks, I'll take a look at his work. Nice, I'll look into it Just one last thing. I'm pretty ignorant on the differences in sub-saharan ethnicities, so I'm doing some research on it. I know it is pretty hard to reconstruct such thing as the average Kushite, but it would be useful to know what to avoid in terms of skin tone and facial features. What I've found so far is that the Nuba people closely resemble the ancient Kushites. And here are the references I've gathered for the face:
  13. @Lion.Kanzen Which Kushite hero should I take first? From what I understand, the three heroes are: Nastasen Amanirenas Arakamani If there's no priority, I'd like to start with Amanirenas Are the ingame models accurate to use as reference? I'm going to do some research anyway, but it's useful to know if I should be basing the portrait on the model.
  14. Sure, but I'm still busy with work. When I manage to get some spare time I'll start working on it.
  15. I didn't start the sketching stage. All I have is a folder with references I gathered for the face, clothing, equipment, etc. @dMAthena I'm not sure if this has any use to you now (16 days later), but I uploaded my references to a drive folder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1adnPsz_q9tOD8c9z-rqUmr-aBBjiT67X
  16. Just to let you guys know that I'll have to slow down on this project due to other freelance and classes I've been taking. Last time I did that I felt bad for not saying anything in advance. I'll be working whenever I can, it's just that my schedule is a little messy right now.
  17. What exactly do you mean with Celtic pattern? The cloak pattern, warpaint pattern or the Celtic motif?
  18. I'm looking everywhere but I can't find solid breastplates being used by Iceni or any other Celtic tribe from Britain in that time. Perhaps a mail would be more appropriate.
  19. That wouldn't be a problem. Is that the final model though? Because @Lion.Kanzen told me some of the roman heroes were just placeholders. Also, that breastplate looks a little out of place (if my references are correct), but I could make the cloak cover all of the armor if necessary. Game Model: References:
  20. Boudicca sounds fun. I usually look for references in osprey's books, but if you already have some gathered let me know (or if you want me to follow the 3d asset from the game).
  21. Should I proceed to another roman portrait then?
  22. There you go Feel free to contact me if you think it needs some adjustments on the color. I've tested with my monitor and it seems to fit well the game interface, but that's just me. roman_portrait.rar
  23. I'll send the psd then. For the image files (256, 512, etc) what format do you prefer? I usually save them in png since its compression is lossless.
  24. Hey guys, here's the final version. Please let me know if you like it or have any feedback on how to improve Also, how should I send the file? I mean, which format and size? Please let me know so I can send it correctly, instead of downloading it from this post. I also lowered the saturation a bit in the interface preview. Ingame preview Full portrait
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