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  1. Linuxmint Repos still have the version alpha 15 as the latest build. But the 0ad made ubuntu package worked with it.
  2. PC-1 Lenovo Thinkpad x220i (Second hand cost only $125 :-D :-D) i3 2310m 2.1GHz 12.5" IPS Screen 8GB of RAM (I upgraded from original 4GB) 250GB SSD (Upgraded from 320gb HDD) Intel onboard graphics Its a bit big and its heavier than i'd like but its pretty fast and it was cheap. PC-2 i5-4590 3.7GHz 22" Samsung LCD circa 2007 16GB RAM 250GB SSD Intel Onboard graphics. Thermaltake case circa 2006 My old AMD mobo system died to just put in a new mobo+CPU+ram combo into an old computer. Don't game much at all so a graphics card isn't a priority.
  3. Fantastic news . Looking forward to seeing the new path finder.
  4. Is a new Path finder happening soon? I'd love to see a reduction in lag.
  5. I want to see a FOSS RTS game work so much. It looks so close to working. If the lag was fixed i'm sure more people would start to play and 0ad would gain more energy. I can just imagine if the map editor was as powerful as the one in starcraft or Warcraft 3 and there was no lag in the game. The potential of this game is immense. I hope this project gets past this lag issue. Even though as people have said fixing the Lag is a very non trivial issue. Its a vital issue.
  6. The thread you linked to was from 2013 :-(. I guess the Lag issues here to stay?
  7. This anonymous logon idea sounds like a waste of resources. The potential for spam or other problems is to large. As for the reason for not playing games for me there's 2 main reasons. LAG - The game often lags and so many games become unplayable just when the game starts getting interesting. Like when an epic battle is about to start then the whole thing starts crawling. This is really frustrating and I've played games and dealt with it a bit. But I know others have given up on multiplayer due to this lag issue. People can't host - Many people are unable to host and can not create games even when they want to. I realise this is an issue due to the fact there are no dedicated servers so people have to host and have port forwarding enabled. Alot of people are unable to get this to work and it is a bit of a hurdle for new comers when they can't create games. One potential semi-solution/hack to this hosting problem I thought of was maybe we could run a hosting only mode in the game as well. Where people who have a computer that can host but may not be playing at that moment can just leave there computer to hose an open game. The game may show up as like Game Room1 or some thing and the first person who joins could become the game creator with the host just running the hosting in the background and not be in the actual game when it runs or see the things going on (Server only mode).. I'm not sure how hard this would be to code or if it would be popular or not but its an idea.
  8. Does it have LAN? Does it require online access just to play that game even in single play?
  9. Okay i'll post a log from an unplayable generated map... base sitting on a hill with no way to get off the hill down to resources. And i'll have a few more goes at trying to recreate the bug. To see if I get the absolutely nothing generated bug happen. CTerrainTextureManager::RecurseDirectory(art/terrains/): no terrains.xml (or errors while loading) - using parent properties mainlog html http://pastebin.co.nz/view/a56a1b42 Interesting log... pretty normal looking. http://pastebin.com/m4k3vbka edit. I was unable to recreate the blank map error. I guess I'll see when it next happens again.
  10. Okay. I'll know for next time. Will my logs still show the error, if i'm a client in a multiplayer game and not the creator?
  11. I found a file called oos_dump.txt that looked like it could be related to the map fail. It was located in /.config/0ad/logs The file is 13mb txt file containing 771363 lines. Paste bin crashed when i tried to past the whole file. So i've pasted some random parts of it. To see if this looks like its related. http://pastebin.com/9nVzAtq2 No idea if that's relevant or not.
  12. I was using linux when it happened. So i'm unable to find the log files.
  13. The random map generator seems to be generating blank maps with no resources on them some times. Its happened to me twice now.
  14. Its great to see that this RTS in development. Even better that its Open Source. Its really good to play and I know it will get even better with time. I think this project has a lot of potential. Especially with mods and custom games. I look forward to seeing some of the awesome custom maps with triggers etc that Warcraft 3 and Starcraft had in a few years from now. I think this game has massive potential in the future and its really fun already. Really missing the left hand only hot keys for buildings. It feels really differen't for me using the mouse to make buildings. Also I think as well as using Ctrl as the only key that can be used to assign groups. For example Ctrl + 1 etc it would be great to use the ` key as well. Then it would be super fast for hand movements on the keyboard. "`" + "1". Also ungarrissioning ships near hills often gets units stuck in unmovable positions. Its so excellent to find this game in development. Thanks to the Development team. Keep it up . Also had a few games using the lobby. Lots of fun. Thanks for creating an opensource RTS. I'll have some 0 AD LAN partys later on maybe after Alpha 18 or 19 comes out.
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