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Well, for the first time ever at WFG (I think...) you will be able to write and submitt a script or screenplay of your own creation.


- Either a Movie/TV screenplay or a script for a play is acceptable. For the help writing a screenplay, this is a great site- Screenwriting.info

- Scripts can last for 10 minutes to an hour (or if some of you are really creative you can write for more than an hour- but please notify me of that first).

- Please include a short description page with your script that briefly describes the theme and characters.

- Any theme or topic you choose will be great. It is also fine if you want to adapt a story or book for your movie/play.

- Any questions? Dont hesitate to ask ;)

At this moment I dont have any specific deadline. I'll see how many people sign up, then I'll post a date :shrug:

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