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LostChocolateLab, who runs our Sound Dept., wants to introduce to you our affiliates, the Avenue Audio Team. You can visit them by clicking their banner under 'affiliates' to the left.

The 0 A.D. Audio Team would like to announce our affiliation with Heidi Holtz & the Avenue Audio Team.

Heidi and her team will be initially be handling the Building Structure : Ambient Sounds that will be heard emanating from different building types. The History and Art Departments have done a fantastic job assembling background information and providing concept and current building artwork to assist in the creation of subtle natural ambiences.

Avenue Audio began as a single studio providing sound for a growing post production facility known as Avenue Edit, and has since grown into a full service Audio Post production facility providing Voice over, ADR, Foley, Sound Effects, and Music for film, TV, radio & multimedia applications.

More on Avenue Audio here.

On behalf of the 0 A.D. Audio team, allow me introduce us the Avenue Edit remote Audio Team:

Cory Coken "Called by many...The round mound of sound"

If it weren't for a little math Cory's career might have been as a marine architect. Fortunately for Avenue Audio his love of sound was just as strong. So instead of boats, Cory turned to audio and Columbia College. Prior to graduating college in 1995, Cory began working at Zenith Audio Services, learning and practicing his skills on films, and TV. programs. His desire to travel landed him a job as a product specialist at Sonic Solutions. After seeing the world Cory headed back to Chicago and post production at Avenue Audio.

Jamie Vanadia "Always likes to show of his...knobs"

Jamie's start in audio began in 1996 with a B.A. degree from Columbia College in sound and post production. As a drummer Jamie's interests also veered into music and performing arts. Those talents proved helpful when soon after graduating Jamie became a mastering engineer for CD and cassette applications. His skills quickly caught the interest of several individuals, and by 1997 Jamie found himself as a member of Avenue Audio post production and sound.

John Wong "Once hot wired and XBOX and hasn’t been the same since"

With a degree in audio / sound from Columbia College in Chicago, John set out to make his mark in the audio world. After graduating in the spring of 2002, his first calling became location sound. The long nights of recording films soon began to make John think about a career change. The world of post production seemed like a logical choice, and though a series of events John found himself working at Avenue Audio late in 2002. It has been a perfect match ever since.

Ryan Pribyl "likes to give his computers daily rub downs"

The audio bug caught Ryan at an early age, when he began to run live sound at the age of 11. He has been in audio ever since. Among Ryan's other talents includes computers....as both a designer and trouble shooter of software and hardware. Coupled with his degree from McHenry College and his Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College Ryan was a perfect choice to bring into Avenue Audio.

Heidi Holtz "They call her the Sweetness of Sound"

Heidi's career as an audio producer began to show when at an early age she began to look after her extended family. The experience of caring for others began to be her trademark. After college she chose a career in banking...focusing on what else the personal services of customers. Only later did she realize that she had a natural interest in post production. She joined the two paths in 1996 at Avenue Edit and has been taking care of people ever since.

We all look forward to working with them to make the sound of 0 A.D. come to life!


Wildfire Games

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