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A26- Questions about cavlary and ptolemies


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On 12/03/2022 at 10:07 AM, faction02 said:

From a balancing perspective, it would be probably easier to ask the question what has improved since a23 rather than what was better before and should be reversed. ;) The previous Ptolemies system was indeed much more fun. 

The food trickle is about equivalent to having an additional woman on berries forever with a farmstead next to it I think. It took about 4-5 women if you splitted them for efficiency of house production. If the aim of this change is to remove part of the economic advantage, a 20-25% build time increase with respect to a23 may make sense but I am not sure how it would fit with all the other changes that have been made since then.

a23 - Ptolemies

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a25 - Ptolemies

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a25 - Iberians

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This - Ptolemies were so much more fun to play and had such a different feel in a23 - really made you think differently when you played them - yes you got free houses but what can you do with the resources if you cannot spend them if you get housed because an early rush managed to kill one of your builders and set you back a couple of minutes

And imagine if your house was captured - even worse setback when they were "free" since they costed just time to make - in my honest opinion the wood cost now is ridiculous since you can just spam the houses and still have enough time to get early pikes to mine stone for slingers and metal for mercenaries and housing problem is never an issue if you just pay like 1% of the attention to make a house from time to time

Scenario 1: - one house getting captured in a23? Ahh shoot man now I might be in a problem if I don't react quickly

Scenario 2: - one house getting captured in a25? No problem I just made 2 more while you were capturing that one - too cheap to bother saving it anyways since if one pike dies house is not worth saving litteraly

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