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Heads up for L/OS RTS Xmas invite (details this evening)

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To follow up on:

Hi, I meant to put out the invitation yesterday, so since its getting closer, I'll just say I'd like to meetup informally to celebrate our / your Games (+ as a preliminary step to possible cooperation :P). The dates that work best for me are the 30th of December, and the 2nd of January - around 21:00 CET.

Details (and link to the "invite server") should follow this evening!



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So here's the invitation :):


(Libre / Open Source RTS crews informal and relaxed meetup)

Date and time:   tbd (for me 30th of Dec or 2nd Jan ca. 21 CET are best)

Where:                tbd (Suggestion: Gather.Town )

Who:                   OS RTS game devs (I'd expand scope for later events)

Why? :                To have fun meeting the people behind other great games :) !                  

I've set up a Matrix ( https://app.element.io/#/room/!prhUKXgZSvSgDryEPy:matrix.org ) and Discord ( https://discord.gg/YmMzRjFp ) Space - bridged of course :P. Idea being having a central spot for feedback and getting those "tbd"s set :).

Looking forward to seeing people there !

Regards, Sean

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