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Designing "practical" art

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I am starting this post because I have been wondering whether some of the art changes could integrate a "practical" perspective when possible.

For example, berries, fishes or chicken might be difficult to see, especially if the resolution has been lowered and I have been wondering how this could be improved. ffm is doing a great job with his mod to try to address this issue but it is a very "practical" approach aimed at improving gameplay. I was wondering if we could find a middle ground between pink or chameleon chicken.

My suggestion here would be to try to make future art changes, when possible, having this practical issue in mind. For example, I was thinking that if we had a few white birds fishing, they might be easier to spot. Maybe similar "tricks" could be used for berries and the chickens (I have no clue what is feasible). For example, changing the soil to increase contrast  or adding an indirect indicator of their location.

Of course, this might not be always possible or easy. I have no idea how to apply this suggestion to apple trees without creating something weird for example. But I think it would be great to integrate this aspect when possible.

Thanks for the many eye candies added to a24! :)

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