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3D Modelers and Texture artists - Elie Saad


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Position:  3D Modelers and Texture artists

Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free? Yes

Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license? Yes

Are you sure you are not wanting to work on something programming related? (Then you don't need to send in an application form.) Yes

Name: Elie Saad

Email: eliesaad_2@hotmail.com

Location: Beirut, Lebanon (GMT+2)

Availability: On average 5 to 6 hours. (applies 6 months from now)

Age: 24

Occupation: Architect and Researcher

Skills and Experience: I am an architect and a researcher in urban and cultural heritage

Motivation: I believe the best knowledge one can get is from games, especially historical one. Plus I am a supporter for Open Source projects.

Personality: Adaptive

Short Essay: I follow 0 A.D. on twitter an while going through my follows I remembered it. As stated above I am strong supporter of Open Source projects especially games, and I do believe this can be a great experience for myself to learn more about integrating historical elements/contexts in games.

Interests and Hobbies: Tell us briefly about some of the other things you enjoy doing your free time. We ask this to get to know your background a bit better

Staff: No

Community: None

Favorite Game: Supreme Ruler Ultimate

Work Examples: I have mane 3D models for contemporary buildings, due to the nature of my work, but none for low poly buildings.

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