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Sound Design Doc - Implementation

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The DirectSound API from DirectX8+ will be used for all sound effects in 0AD. Positional audio will be accomplished solely by pan, volume, and cross-fading. There should never be more than (8) unique sound effects playing at once, not including dialogue. Mixing will be done via an external text file from which sound levels, pan, and other variables will be extracted by the engine.

2.2 Generic Components

2.2.1 Layer 0

An ambient sound effect layer. As the player passes over certain terrain types on the map, that terrain type’s ambient sound loop begins to play. As the player passes over a second terrain type, the first ambient track gently fades out while the second fades in. There can be no more than two ambient sound effects cross-fading into one another at a time.

2.2.2 Layer 1

Ambient sounds generated from terrain and buildings, which play only occasionally, and are randomly selected. Terrain played here is separate from the terrain played in Layer 0, which is a more of a “global” sound. Here, the sound played is more specific and complementary to the ambient terrain track being played in Layer 0.

2.2.3 Layer 2

Civilian, animal, monster, and all combat-related sounds are played here, including disaster sounds, user interface sounds, and so on.

2.2.4 Layer 3

All narration and in-game dialogue for all characters. Narration may be provided at the beginning and end of campaigns and/or missions; in-game dialogue is heard by moving the mouse over an on-screen character and clicking on it.

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