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Errors in Community Maps mods


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I've run into a lot of issues with missing elements in the community maps mod scenarios. Fortunately, I was able to find an archive online and copy the elements one by one in to the mod folders. However, I'm still having difficulty getting the wooden towers to work for all the factions. I have copied the template_structure_defense_wooden_tower.xml to the simulations/template folder, but it still seems to be having issues. Here's what the log shows:

ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation error: (null):0: Extra element Ranged in interleave

ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation error: structures/maur_wooden_tower:1: Element Attack failed to validate content

ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation failed for '(null)'

ERROR: Failed to validate entity template 'structures/maur_wooden_tower'

ERROR: Failed to load entity template 'structures/maur_wooden_tower'

Any help is appreciated. - Russ

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