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to do list


key board and boutons guide (picture)

food wood wooman houses 2 minutes guide (written steps and gifs)

when and where place barracks (gifs)

tower placing guide (written tips and gifs)

farm placing guide (written and gifs)

house as walls placing guide

farmsted and storehouse guide (written and gifs)

explain importance of pikes defending womens (gifs)

explain batch training size and shift recruitment of soldiers or womens (written)

explain rally point and shift unit order staking

when start gathering stone and iron?

Hold and formation guide (gifs)

castle placement, and ram attack!

turtle defence guide

meelee cav defences guide

phasing guide

op slinger style guide


i propose to change some keyboard button and add 2 more,

first z and c

if u select all units and play z only military units will be selected

if u press c only non military units selected, as womens goats and trade

change in bouttons i propose are back to work boutton on X and H on space bar

i should make a video to show left hand moovement in battles, this is to make big formation battles easier and save womens in base when someone raides


i think gif guides should be somewhere betwwen game lobby and multiplayer lobby, other payers can make 2 minutes starting guides 2, step by step ones, explained by writting and showed in gifs 2, 

also i thinkfor noobs to learn faster they all should start w britons as i think is like one of the strongest and in snow enviroment cause more food to hunt

also shoudl map have a clock so one can just press there and not saying the number?



ITRELLES FWWH 2  minutes tactic guide


a, send horse to nearest chiken, he will kill and gather chiken food automathically till he gather all 10 chikens meat

b send womens to gather vegetables from nearest bush

c send soldiers to gather wood at nearest forest

d stack build holding shift 6 womens in CC and set rally point to the same trees that u have your mens


a, build w one women a farmstead near bushes(gif) and w one soldier a storage near forest(gif)

b with the same soldier that builded the storage shift stack order to build a house next to it (gif), this soldier should build houses all the time like if they where walls (gif)

c when the 6 womens go out cc recruit 4 more to woods, then 4 to bushes for faster food gathering,


a this time yo will have been out of chikens so u need to explore surroundings w horse to see what is out there, in snow enviroments there is a lot of food to hunt

b at this time u will have enough wood to make a barrack!

c and for now on, from barrack soldiers to gather wood, from CC womens to make farms(gif) adn keep on making houses

if u have a lot of food, send 10 extra womens to forest

when economy is very strong phase, after phasing other guide should be made other day


i will keep on thinking on this, i need help, the objective is to train gamers to make group bigger!


i have an idea of making a coordinated aggresive meme recruiting 0 ad campaign w historical charcaters from civs as

i want u for 0 ad





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