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After a lengthy deliberation, for which we sincerely apologize to our loyal fans, we on the Aristeia mod design team have arrived at a clearer vision for making a way forward.  No more the divisions of time and space, no more the fractured kingdoms and petty city-states of the threefold separation previously envisioned. Rather, four powers of the ancient world, spanning over a thousand years of history, will be depicted in a mighty struggle for supremacy.

The earth of Mesopotamia trembles beneath the mighty hosts of Assyria’s great kings. From Egypt, by land and sea, pours forth a multitude of the Pharaoh’s followers, devotees of his Majesty. The waters of the Aegean are blackened by the ships of Mycenae, bent on revenge and plunder. The Hebrew monarchs, beset by foes on all sides, fortify their fenced cities and arm their people as if for an agelong war. The battle of Nations draws nigh.

Stay tuned for further developments!





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Hello, everyone!  Aristeia Bronziron is compatible with Alpha 22: Venustas.  If you have not already done so, you will need to download the latest version of the game onto your machine in order to run the Aristeia mod on it.

The Aristeia mod is available from Github.

Four civilizations are playable at the moment. They are the Egyptians, the Judahites, the Assyrians, and the Archaic Greeks. The Egyptians are the most complete faction, but they are still a work-in-progress. The other three factions are placeholder civs for gaming purposes, mainly using units and structures from the 0 AD scenario editor atlas.

Here is a tentative design document for the final revision of the Egyptian civ.


Next, some concept art!

Below is a revised Egyptian civilization emblem, the Eye of Horus. It was a sacred symbol throughout ancient Egyptian history, and represented health and protection. The background shield color yellow/gold represents an eternal or imperishable quality, often associated with the sun, and the eye's blue color represents creation or rebirth, often associated with the sky or water.



Below is a representation of a (conventional) Middle Kingdom spearman, with variations of bulls' hide shield covers. The appearance of this unit and his equipment is based on the Cairo Museum's wooden soldier models from the tomb of Mesehti, an 11th dynasty official.


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