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[Part II][Civilization Proposal][Brainstorming] Feudalism Europe - France


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Although France is a civilization that is confirmed to appear in Part II, and I am certainly not the most qualified person in European history, I think the 'standard' AoE-ish gameplay couldn't do justice to this very unique and fascinating culture.

Although I put France in the title of this thread, this is actually just me randomly throwing out ideas on how a feudal society could be represented in a RTS game like 0ad. Some of these ideas might be unfeasible, overpowered/penalize the faction too much, or could be made into something better, so suggestions are welcomed.

As I said before, I am not very good in French history, so I might (very possibly) get some historical facts wrong, please correct me if you find any errors.

Brief History


Wikipedia do it better.


Most ‘European’ factions can be considered 'standard' or 'balanced' , although I believe France lean heavily towards melee cavalry (knight) and turtling.

Civ Feature

*Feudal Society: The 'Civic Center' of this civilization is a castle. It doubles as a fortress.

*Serfdom: All 'Female citizen' and 'citizen soldier' unit of this faction (except healer and trader) cannot move out of player's territory (or receive a heavy penalty if they do leave).

Civ Bonus

*Retinue: Every knightly unit of this civilization will bring along several (random 0~3) retinue unit with them, free of charge.

*Couched lance charge: Gives very high damage bonus on knightly unit during charging attack.

Civ Disadvantage

*Due to serfdom, this civilization cannot perform early rush/economic raiding effectively.

*Weak infantry early on (peasant levy and all that), but can be mitigated with reform tech.

*Diverse but generally lackluster navy.

Special Building/Tech

*Muster for war: A special tech that can be researched repeatedly. Lift the penalty on citizen soldier temporary (see serfdom).

*Tournament Field: Allows for a special 'Hastilude' tech that can be researched repeatedly. Each successful research gives promotion to a random knightly unit.

*Steel Prod: Increase damage of crossbowman unit. (Available to all three reform tech).

Reform Tech 1: The Crusade

The 'Expansionist' reform that gives (relatively cheap) crusader knights, better infantry, counterweight trebuchet, and better resource management (thanks to Knight Templar and Chambres des comptes).

Reform Tech 2: Hundred Years War

The 'Defensive' reform (It was really a series of raids and siege after all) that gives you Dismounted Knight, Genoese crossbowmen, Pot-de-fer (arrow-shooting cannon) and bombard, and bonus in castle and defensive structure.

Reform Tech 3: Compagnie d'ordonnance

The 'Technological' reform that gives the strongest melee cavalry in the mod (probably) - the full plate armoured Gendarmes, as well as Franc-archer militia, handheld firearms, and advanced cannon such as breech-loading Veuglaires, culverins and so on.

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Proposed Unit Roster (Draft)

Non-Combat Unit

Female Citizen

Healer (Roman Catholic)


Peasant Levy ('Citizen Soldier')

Levy Spearman

Levy Archer

*Due to the civ feature 'serfdom', these unit are generally weaker than their counterparts from other factions, unless 'Muster for War' is in effect.

Knight ('Champion Unit')

Knight (Village Phase) (Spear cavalry)

Knight (Town Phase) (Spear cavalry)

Knight (City Phase) (Spear cavalry)

*The bread and butter in any European army. Available fairly early (phase 1), and very strong for its cost. Nevertheless, being champion unit, the knight cannot participate in economic activities, and generally too expensive to mass produce.

Knight's Retinue

Retinue cavalry (Spear cavalry)

Retinue spearman

Retinue swordsman

*These form the actual backbone of France's army, as they come free of charge along with the knights. Player cannot 'pick and choose' what kind of retinue to appear with the knight though, as it is randomized.

Siege Unit

Battering Ram

Mangonel (Traction Trebuchet)

Naval Unit



*From what I know, medieval navy often were made out of repurposed merchant vessel, so maybe we can merge the merchant ship unit with warship.

Hero Unit

Godfrey of Bouillon

Louis IX

Joan of Arc

*Maybe La Hire and Bertrand as well?

Reform 1 Unit (WIP)

Crusader Knight

Serjeant Spearman

Crusader Archer

Genoese Crossbowman (Early)

Counterweight Trebuchet


*Possibly Turcopoles?

Reform 2 Unit (WIP)

Man-at-Arm (The distinction between a noble knight and a well-equipped warrior started to disappear)

Dismounted Man-at-Arm




Genoese Crossbowman



Reform 3 Unit (WIP)


Scots Guard


Genoese Crossbowman






Note: I envision knights (and other unit) from different phase and reform as from different period:

Village Phase: 11~12th century (Nasal helmet, proto-great helm, hauberk, few surcoat)

Town Phase: 13th century (Great helm, cap-a-pie hauberk, long but plain surcoat)

City Phase: Early 14th century (Great helm, shorter but ornate surcoat)

Reform 1: Crusader (with crusader and/or Templar and Hospitaller outfit, duh)

Reform 2: Second half of the 14th century (Bascinet, Hounskull helmet, coat of plates, corrazina, goblose breastplate, very short surcoat or joupon)

Reform 3: 15th Century (Sallet, Plate armour)

Reform tech will replace Village, Town and City Phase knight with the appropriate version.

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