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Some Questions!?-_-


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Okay, here is the plan ... I will be updating this section when its available to be made public. That's my job; your job is to make sure that I do it! If you don't see an update recently, please stop by the forums and remind me (Wijitmaker).

You havent updated this for a while, if i see right!!!

1. When are 0.A.D being released??

2. Can units walk ON the walls??

3. How big will the game be??

4. What ages are included??

5. What MP modes, and SP modes, will be included??

6. How many nations are there??

7. How good are the grapich engine, try to describe!?

PLz answer these Wijit! From ZeZar!

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1) We are shooting for a beta test in December of 2004 - the release of the game after that will be determined by the feedback of the testers and how much time we want to spend perfecting the balancing of the civs.

2) Right now we have cut this freature, but it is on the 'wish list'. To many more important and basic things to do first before we do the fancy stuff ;)

3) I'm estimating 300-400 mb, don't know for sure at this early stage

4) The game doesn't have 'ages' but it does have tech divisions. The divisions are based on the city growth, not the passing of time. This due to the fact that we have seasons and it doesn't make much sense to go through 500 years of history in 2 seasons.

5) We are talking about that now :P

6) The game is broken down into 2 parts... part I will feature 500 BC to 0 A.D. and part II will feature 0 A.D. to 500 A.D. The civs for the first part include the Helenes (Athens, Sparta, Macedonia), Romans, Carthaginians, Celts (Gauls, Britons), Iberians, and Persians.

7) Well, its really hard to do that now because it isn't complted, in fact they have just barely started on the graphics engine. Most people don't know now much programming is involved in just 'general' modules. Those are the foundations of Prometheous and after those are solid and complete we will be working on the graphics engine. But, if you want to know what it will be like... It will probably be a leaner, meaner, not as fancy - AOM looking engine.

Sorry I haven't posted yet to all these great topics, but this is all I have time for tonight. I just started at the university and they have swamped me with a ton of homework. I will reply in all the threads this weekend ;)

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