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"Restart" function in solo mode


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I have not seen a post asking this feature ... so I trying :

Is it possible to have the "Restart" function in solo mode, and if possible also on random maps. A "Restart" button in the menu (with resign and exit) would be fine, and / or why not in the summary to better compare the differences.

This would avoid having to reconfigure the "Game Setup", but especially with a replay exactly the same card (eg to improve its rush, or to claim revenge on "Petra / hard" in the same conditions).

If not possible, it's a shame because I find it indispensable to progress efficiently.

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I have not found a ticket in trac, but if this function also interested developers, then it should open one :)

I proposed for the single player and not multiplayer, because as historic_bruno said, it will certainly be more complex and after seeing at work in L4D2, this function can quickly become unbearable (if there is abuse). I do not know how other multiplayer games have incorporated this function, but here's how it works in L4D2 :

- A player can't decide alone to restart the game from other players, so it requires a vote where you have a majority of "yes" (which is a good idea).

- But it's in the case of a negative vote that can be a problem, because the one who absolutely want restart, surely require another vote. He can't do more than two consecutive times (just to avoid the abuse, time is required before again two votes), but if other players also wanted to restart (who are the minority), then they may also ask again this vote, which logically will be "no", then a second ... Conclusion : we lose long minutes to vote and vote again (not to play), before being forced to exclude the player or players that problem (by voting, again).

- However, if the players know each other and speak the same language (which is essential to develop good strategies = we also create a "vocal group" for this, which need headphone and mic ... which could be another feature request for 0 A.D. :wink2:), there is no problem and this function "restart" is fine.

This is only a feedback, but if you want to integrate this feature in multiplayer, I think it should be activatable (or not, may be by default) in "More Options".
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