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(Planned)-Mutes planned mods-{Design Documentation}


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Welcome to my post, friends and family of 0ad and Com

I would like to welcome you into my head, below i will be giving you some of the ideas and planns i have for my mods and some new mods i am planning

Base Mods



Tags- Base,Resource, Expand, Mod, optional

Discription- This mod will aim to give animals the ability to give a resource, this resource will be called cloth, (a mix between furs,skins,hides and a few other things)

Insparation- ancient/fantasy/nomad mods

Reasoning- I decided to plan this base mod for a few reason,

  1. is nomads are planned most nomadic people used hides and furs way before they used metals

  2. bored with animals that are not able to be used for food go to waist when you kill them

  3. I came from family that you use/find use for what you kill

Blood Reward

Cata- Base

Tags- Base,Resource, Expand, Mod, optional, non-farm able, Combat, loot

Discription- The blood reward mod is ment to be used to make combat more welcoming as well as needed to get farther

Insparation- For people who love online play will make multiplayer games more chalanging and posibly more fun


  1. I am planning using this in a few full feature mods I have planned

  2. I though the idea of this may go good with a full fledged mods as well as add new aspect to the game

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