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[Minor] Hero aura doesn't update properly


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Not sure if this is applicable to all auras and how generalisable it is etc. So far I've only seen it on Boudicca (though I suspect that its to do with global aura's). Will try to repo on another hero if needed.

The effects of the aura don't update properly. After a hero dies the changed values remain in place for all units that are already extant.

Repo steps.

Played Boudicca.

The attack increases for all champions.

Delete Boudicca.

The attack of living champions is not decreased.

Only newly created units have less attack.

As an aside, hero aura tooltips need a bit of a clean-up. Its ambiguous in many cases as to if its a global or local aura. E.g. Boudicca's is global but from the tooltip I would've thought it is local. I propose that instead of all being labelled as 'hero aura' they instead be labelled as 'hero effects' if they are global or not an aura in the sense of affecting those in the area around them.

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