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Volunteer Offer- Voice Acting

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Hey Wildfire people. Pasidon here. A good friend of mine from the Revora Creative Network (my host site) said you guys could use some help with 0 A.D.'s development. I'm all for volunteering to help game development, so I was thinking I could lend my super skills to the team. Ultimately lacking super skills, I am, however, a fully operational and fairly above-par voice actor with a good range of deep voices I think could really compliment a game like this. I've only done voice work for small C&C mods and one very pre-alpha indi game, but doing some awesome work for you guys could really help me out as well as the booming undertow of this amazing RTS. I may actually already be in love with it. I can give you some voice samples here soon if you would like (hurrah for not being prepared).

But yea, give me some feedback either here or at pasidonofchaos@hotmail.com and I would luuuuve to help however I can. I'm not even sure if you guys need any voice talents, but I thought I'd give it a kick and a half.

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Do you mean you want to do narrating? Or human sounds? Currently, we don't need real voice acting (as you'd see in some introductory movies), as the software can't handle it yet, and the modellers are too occupied with in-game low or medium poly models, and not with high poly movie models.

We could use some good narrating on certain occasions (like for tutorial or release videos), so if you want to do that, please send us some examples. And lots of civilisations still need their own voices added, but it could require historians to get the sounds correct.

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Yea, narrating is something I would love to do. Do well, to reiterate. It's my ultimate goal to out narrate Lenard Nemoy. My fans are aware of this. AND I am making a [voice resume'] for my YouTube Channel, so I will soon be able to shamelessly advertise my voice acting career for you guys. All good news. I'll get back to you guys here soon.

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