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Regenerative resources

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Some resources which already exist on the map (fruit and fish) will recover resources over time when they are not being gathered.

The rate of regeneration needs to be decided.

1. Constant regeneration. This is very simple, the amount of resources increases by the same amount each second.

2. Sigmoid regeneration. This varies the regeneration rate based on the current resources. When the resource is close to empty then the rate is slow and when the resource is nearly full the rate is also slow.

I have attached a diagram showing the two methods, constant is in orange and sigmoid is in green.

Discussion thread


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Is there a performance difference between the two?


I prefer using constant regeneration for berries and sigmoid regeneration for fish. This strikes a good balance between optimal realism and optimal gameplay value. I outlined the advantages and disadvantages of sigmoid regeneration in this post, and I think I presented a convincing argument that sigmoid has considerably more advantages than disadvantages.

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