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Some have suggested and I like the idea of adding a Blacksmith structure for most factions. Basically, every faction that only has 1 barracks structure would get the structure (all except Persians, who have a Stables, and Carthaginians, who have multiple Embassies). The technology tree for the Barracks then would focus on Train Time, Health, Speed, and Basic->Advanced->Elite upgrade, while the Blacksmith's tech tree would focus on Weapons (attack) and Armor.

I've already prototyped it (with a generic placeholder building model) and I like it a lot. What would be needed are:

1.) A blacksmith building model

  • Hellenic civs (Athenians, Macedonians, Spartans) can share the same model, just with different civ-specific shield props.
  • Celtic civs (Britons, Gauls) can share the same model and props.
  • Iberians can use their current "barracks" model for use as their Blacksmith, while we model a new barracks for them.
  • Romans may need to revamp the barracks a bit, since it looks a lot like a blacksmith, but it won't be too hard.
  • As mentioned above, Persians and Carthaginians wouldn't receive a blacksmith. They already have to build a 2nd structure.

2. A "Blacksmith" structure portrait. A hammer and anvil would look nice. We can reuse the "metalworker" tech portrait for now.

3. Custom "structure complete" and "selection" sound effects.

4. <SpecificName> for each culture's blacksmith.

  • Romans: Armamentarium (means: Armory). Rename barracks to Castra, which is more accurate anyway.
  • Greeks: Khalkeîon.
  • Iberians?
  • Celts?
  • Mauryans?
  • Ptolemies?

Open discussion here: http://www.wildfireg...showtopic=17312

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