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IP Board - "undefined" error on MobileSafari (iPad, iPhone)


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This is an issue I've seen lately with the Wildfire Games forum (i.e. this forum), running on IP Board.

When browsing using iPad (reproduced with both iOS 5.x and 6.0) the "Mark all as read" button returns a popup simpy saying "undefined", then returns me to the top level folder of the forum.

The difference to what I was expecting is that (i) I'm returned back to the top level, rather than the sub-forum I was reading, and (ii) *ALL* forum threads are marked as read, not just those in the particular sub-forum.

As this is likely an issue with IP Board, I took a look through their support forums, and found only one similar report here -> http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/mark-all-as-read-says-undefined-in-ipb-mobile-r37580

It seemed pretty infrequent due to no further reports, but as I'm getting this consistently, perhaps it is a bug fixed in a more recent version of IP Board than Wildfire Games is using.

A small issue, but would be nice if others could confirm, or might have to wait for a forum upgrade to fix.

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