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C++ QT cross-platform IDE

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hi guys

i just wonder did you guys considered using Open Source Libraries Qt for o.A.d game development ?

because it could solve the mac compatibility because you write once and export it to many OS without the need rewriting the source code

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I haven't ever used QT on Mac however as far as I know the framework supports Mac. In fact that is one of the frameworks selling points, that is, the fact that the framework supports windows, mac and linux. Their IDE is also the best opensource C/C++ IDE I've used.

I'm not supporting it's use it would be stupid to rewrite anything, I'm just commenting on QT.

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Yeah I don't really get the point of this discussion. The game is already cross platform. Any change in underlying libraries would require a substantial rewrite, which would be very counterproductive now that things are functioning on all platforms. Anyways it is my understanding that Qt is only graphics which already work on Mac. The problem as I understand it is sound which should be soon fixed with an upcoming patch. Also the game already uses SDL and other crossplatform technologies such as WxWidgets to provide consistent graphical interfaces across platforms.

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