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A Sample Release Road Map

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The following would be a good example of a "Roadmap" for an alpha or beta release, where a list of projects is decided and references found for each project. Then, task threads and Trac tickets created based on this road map.

There are a few things we missed in Alpha 9 I'd like to see cleaned up for Alpha 10. These should be done first or ASAP so we can move on with specific Alpha 10 goals.

Roman Merchant Ship (Corbita)

  • Model needs finalized
  • Needs textured and UV mapped


Roman Bireme

  • Needs modeled and textured. Right now we are using the Greek pentekontoros, which is not a good thing. smile.gif
  • Animated


Roman Quinquereme

  • Needs modeled and textured.
  • Animated


Roman Siege Walls

  • Similar look to the Roman Army Camp


Now, things for Alpha 10

This is the "big cleanup" Alpha for the Art Dept. We're going to go back and tweak or redo some of the stuff that's been bothering us for a while.

First up: The Greeks. Quite a few of their buildings still use the old textures from 7-8 years ago and aren't as nicely modeled and as nicely detailed as the newer buildings. Then there will be a couple of Iberian buildings.

Priority Greek Buildings

These need completely remodeled and use the newer Greek structure textures (seen on buildings like the Civic Centre and others).


Priority in order:

1. Barracks "Strategeion"

2. Market "Emporeion"

3. Council Chamber "Prytaneion"

4. Docks "Limen"

5. Theater "Theatron"

Non-Priority Greek Buildings

These can be redone or touched up if we have time


Priority in order:

1. Fortress -- Mirrored, so that the big doorway faces bottom right. The model could use some help and better details. The overall design is good though.

2. Farmstead -- It feels too big to me. Could look more rustic.

3. Gymnasion -- Trains champion units. Could have some more architectural details to make it look more interesting.

Iberian Buildings


Priority in order:

1. Temple -- It is currently much too small. Too small footprint and not detailed enough. Here is an old concept:


2. Civic Centre -- The design is good, but should have a bigger footprint (not just "scaled up").

3. Fortress -- There is some weird smoothing/shadowing going on on the round parts. Perhaps look in to that and possibly update the whole model.

4. Venerated Monument -- The Iberian player will probably build a lot of these. It would be good to have some variations.


5. (Not shown in image) Corral -- Would be better to remodel it to look something like this:



Walls for all factions need revamped, revised, reworked, added to, etc. in order to work with the new click-drag wall system being devised by the programming department. Pureon is taking the lead on this. Don't get burned out on it though. Stay loose and work on other things too. wink.gif

Siege Engines

Many siege engines need touched up or reworked in order to be properly animated. Then they need attack animations. Death animations would be nice too, but attacks are more of a priority. The Greek Siege Tower (Helepolis) could use some player color.

Gaia Stuff

It would be nice to update some Gaia assets for Alpha 10. This includes:


1 or 2 more variations each for Metal slabs and Stone slabs. Some custom and cool looking rock formations for the Desert biome, specifically for the Neareastern Badlands map. Examples:


And then let's experiment with "mountain tops" to make some cool and realistic looking pseudo-mountain ranges in the game.



Some additional tree species would be nice for visual variety and authenticity. Also, new bushes and plant life.

This topic has a list of flora needed/wanted for the biome maps in the game: http://www.wildfireg...showtopic=15562


There are tons of animals that need modeled and animated. If we could get anywhere from 5-10 new animals updated and animated, then we can call that a success.

Here is a good list of animals wished to be in the game: http://www.wildfireg...showtopic=15562


1. Elephants -- Big priority. Need rigged and a whole set of animations, including Idle, Attack, Walk, and Death. Must have these prop points: driver, rider (on the back, for riders and towers), chest, head, and tusk (for tusk variations).

2. Huntables/Gatherables -- Wildebeests, Goats, Aurochs, etc.

3. Dangerous animals that attack the player's units, like tigers, crocodiles, hippos, etc.

4. Cosmetic animals, like hawks and rabbits.

Elephants are the big priority, then if we could have a few new ones from 2 and 3, then we are successful.

Terrain Textures

This is mainly a task for Mythos (me). Though if anyone would like to help, that would be nice. The Polar, Steppe, and Alpine terrain sets need particular attention.

Eye Candy & Easter Egg Wish List

There are some cool things I'd like to see thrown in to Alpha 10 if we have time and energy to do so! Feel free to add to this list:

Etruscan Temple



We could try our hands at making a generic African mini-faction

I have tons and tons of reference images I've been collecting.


Roman Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus (the "Best and Greatest") Capitolinus (on the Capitoline Hill)

Basically, the most important temple of the whole Roman Republic and Empire. It's similar in shape and detail to the Etruscan Temple above, with three doors and the large portico, but has lots of gilded gold leaf and a lot more decoration. For instance, the roof tiles were gilded in gold. This will be the biggest Roman temple in the game. Probably the same footprint as the Persian Apadana.



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As you can see, a lot of times what we "desire" to get done doesn't all get done, so then it gets pushed back to later releases (like completing the Greek building revamp, which is ongoing). That's okay, because generally the in-game art is looking pretty good and will only get better as things progress. There is still plenty of time to get things done before we go Beta and then go Gold. After Beta is here, most of what will be done art-wise is GUI related and adding extra content that pleases us and the fans. Until then, it's all about finishing the Mauryans and adding all the animals and gaia stuff needed to fill out all the biomes and maps.

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It was just an idea I had when we were all talking about adding more factions or adding mini-factions. The idea was to make a generic "African" mini-faction as a proof of concept. It can still be done, and in fact any number of factions can be added to the game, even "mini-factions" with minimal units and structures. They can easily be made selectable in random map or just available in Atlas for scenarios. But this isn't the proper thread to discuss such things. (y)

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