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0 A.D. papercraft anyone?


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As the developers are occupied with various technical aspects, I was thinking about what are the less-technical activities for the rest of us here in the community can contribute that can help to promote the game :P

So, if anybody is interested in papercraft, perhaps we can convert some 3D models into printable papercraft pattern?


The fun part is you can have 0 A.D. buildings and units on your table.

There's a discussion before about papercraft but I don't know if its already realized?


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A few monts ago i had this idea.

So i did the Guard tower of AoM!


I also made the AoM greek towncenter papercraft ready but i haven't build it yet.

if you want, I'll upload the pepakura models so anyone can print it himself.

I was thinking about making my roman quinquireme model in paper but i'm first doing this drumkit:


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