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Web Developer Aplicattion -sentu-


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Position: Web Developer. I'm learning some Java and Javascript, so maybe some help codding?

Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free?


Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license?

Of course! :)





MSN Messenger:



Valencia, Spain.


I think i can work about 5-6 hours a week, depending week maybe 15 or 2. It depends if i finnally can find a work!


30 summers living here, but i look like a 29 yo teenager :).


Now i'm studying Web Application Developement, and looking for a computer work or something else.

Skills and Experience:

It's a long time ago that i started to program 'amateur' web pages, firstly pure HTML (1995..), after that i started to work with joomla and wordpress. Some PHP, SQL knowledges.


My motivation is to help with a OpenSource project, and the game i playing most this times.... I think i can learn a lot of things too.


I'm a life enthusiast, game junk bad, english writter always looking for new things.

Short Essay:

I found Wildfire Games when i was looking for a good quality games to play on linux, i love RTS and FPS and I loved 0ad from first time i saw it, its a game with a looooot of posibilities, very good art and awesome contributors. It's for that that i want to help to finish the work you started long time ago, learn and play with you!

Interests and Hobbies:

I pass all time in front of my computer, surfing web, little programming, lot of reading. When i can disconnect from computer (not easy), i go to climb (love nature and animals) or take some beers with friends. Some time ago i participate in a 'social house' (making music concerts, meetengs, food not bombs), but it closed :(.




I dont visit any forum out of 0ad thinking on play

Favorite Game:

Just now i'm playing 0ad mostly, sometimes played some warzone2100 or battle for wesnoth. Now i have a poor computer, with only linux installed, then i only can play linux games. Time ago, i loved counterstrike and AOE saga.

Work Examples:

Here some of my webpages :)

http://delhortacasa.net/hortet/ -- Wordpress

http://www.moncevi.es/ -- Joomla

http://www.caxoplata.com/ -- Joomla

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