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Hey everyone,

I've been working on this http://0addatabase.zymichost.com/ for a little, but just wanted to share my progress so far. Feel free to give me suggestions or help me with this project too. I realize there are a couple other fan sites out there, but this project is intended to be a "more scientific" approach (i.e. this is intended to be a database for game stats rather than user content, mods, etc.). I wanted to create an original site from scratch to learn more about web dev and avoid any security issues with MediaWiki for example, as they are prone to hacks, etc. The site is probably months away from completion, but better to say something now lest someone else make a site like this and render my work useless :).

PS - going to upgrade servers and whatnot once I am out of school in a couple weeks; don't have cash or time to do that now.

- fiasco

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This is looking good, it has a nice clean design. The idea sounds nice as well, I find it very annoying with games where you can't find out decent unit stats so you have to try and guess.

One little thing I noticed was that the bullet points are outside of the boxes in the News and Spotlight sections in FF8, changing the padding of the div id="newcontent" to 2px 15px fixes this.

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In case anyone was wondering, I have not given up on this project :). I have exams at university now, but I am graduating early so I will be done here in 3 days (will have my BA in English).

I'm going to start working on a Computer Science degree with a concentration in web dev/server stuff at my community college at home starting in the spring...but anyway, I did change the layout of the site and it looks pretty spiffy now. I won't be updating it more for a while until I upgrade the servers when I get home and add some more cool feature. I plan on starting getting actual data in there soon (i.e. ima start writing the parser and whatnot).

Until then though I'm in Hitler's bunker studying for finals :eek:.


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