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How is\was your living situation the past few years?

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Well, after the replies at the 0ad thread I got this great idea to get to know people even better :)

The topic name itself should give you a hint, but ill start.

The last few years I've been living in Stavanger in southwestern Norway. (Luckily far from Oslo these days ...) 3 years ago I lived in Arendal which is a pretty small town (40k) south in Norway, but for the last two it's been Stavanger. I lived in a house in Arendal, with 2 friends, and in Stavanger last year I lived with a friend of mine. We both went to school, but he dropped at due to his commitments on FIFA 11. (FIFA Soccer 11 for our American friends :P).

At the moment my living situation is kind of wierd. I live in a cabin 15 minutes (boattrip) from Stavanger city. The cabin is all new and modern, but it is hard considering there is too few boats leaving nighttime. And as a student, thats when I want to go home (after school its usually alcohol time).

However, it's very peaceful and a lot of work gets done, though FIFA keeps interupting me. As it did my friend.

So people, how is your living situation? And how was a year or two years ago? Be free to share your current life situation also, but no pressure :)

G'day mate ^^

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