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What Is Still Missing In Art Development ?


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Hi. First, I want to say I'm not trying to force or demand anything.... it's just curiosity. Just wanting to understand why the remaining civilizations are not included into the alphas yet, even if there are a good number of relatively old screenshots showing their buildings and units (well, there's the "We are Legion" demo in the game, but while it shows legionaries, the screens shows triarius, principes and hastarius)

Anyways, i think this is because the models for this civs still don't look like the devs want it to look (even if units/buildings already look awesome), and they don't want to trow into the game a lot of data that will be changed later. Am I right guessing that ?

I say that because I'm starting to learn modeling with Blender 2.5, and want to contribute someday (when I'm a little better and Collada import/export works well.... will be dificult to re-learn blender with the old 2.49 interface), but I became lost trying to know what still is really needed to be done for the game....

Well, sorry for bad english, thanks for the attention and congratulations for the devs for their great job

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Welcome to the forums!

There are some very talented artists who can turn out art relatively quickly, faster than the programmers can keep up with. Before the gameplay can be fine tuned, all the gears that it calls for need to be in working order, the rest is just stats. The majority of the process building this game is coding it to do everything the design asks for. Thats a lot. As the alpha grows, you'll start to see more of the civs.

If you are learning to model, take a shot at making something :) Show it on the forums, nothing is stopping you and documentation exists on how to do all of this :)

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So.... I know every civ has its own properties, but, each one of them needs completely different code ? It's not just a matter of duplicating the classes, variables, structures, etc already used for greeks and celts ?

Again, I'm not trying to put pressure into anyone, only want to know better how the game will work....

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