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some suggestion


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hi. i realy like this game.but i have some suggestions

customisable weapons like ancient wars of sparta

resources every hour are refilled .i am a player that like to play rts games slowly without caring about resources.

colonize system. i know that the map is going to be split into teritories.my suggestion is that teritories is going to have nationalities. for example greek ,celt,roman,carthaginian..... if playing as macedon or persia if i conquere a territory that is persian or roman you can train some low lvl troops that later with exp are going to be heavier or some italian troops for roman settlements.why these nations ? because historically macedonia and persa when conquering regions they were using local troops.all the other nations except those 2 and rome will be able to build mercenaries.mercenaries are more experienced but fewer in number and more expensive.mercenaries are going to be for example mercanary greek hoplites .rome in the other hand were raising legions from the plases the were conquering or foederati units

no more fantasy units..fore example greek hoplites were not using corinthian helmets.for this is a spartan hoplite from another game http://www.europabarbarorum.com/i/units/ko..._spartiates.gif

also in later stages of the game i dont want to see super soldier spam.

super soldier should be able to advance.why first of all they are not super units.they are regular units but with great stamina and fighting capabilities due to their training

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That picture of an hoplite is a recreation of an hoplite from 400-200 BC, the Corinthian Helmet was in use at the time of the start of this game (around 500BC). I won't rule out the possibility of making several helmets they can shuffle between, but the Corinthian helmet is definitely the correct one for this game.

Besides, it looks cooler.

Edit: I forgot to point to this one: http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/page.php?c=46

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