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I follow this Linux instructions:


I'd downloaded the ps-snapshot-r6953.tar.7z.

Extract ok. But when executed the update-workspaces.sh, got this error:

bash: ./premake: File or folder not found

Well in /build/premake/premake don't have a executable file for Linux/Unix, only premake.exe and premake.lua, and the premake.lua don't run with Lua.

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Come on eduveks.

Can't you even read those instructions, cut, paste and execute commands before complaining?

Many people did it without problems.

Read whole page and follow that guide because that is it's purpose. Guide you so the developers don't have to.

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I don't think that attitude is really necessary. There's a lot of information in the build instructions, not all organised perfectly, and it's easy to miss bits or make mistakes. It's also possible that the instructions are just wrong, or there's a bug in the code. The forums are (at least partly) here to help people with this kind of problem :)

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